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What We Do

Jnetics is involved in a wide range of activities that focus on three core areas: raising awareness, providing information, and improving testing options as outlined below.

These areas reflect the main objectives of the charity and address the priority needs identified in our review of Jewish genetic disorders in the UK. Over time, we will build on our work in these areas and respond to developing needs in accordance with the resources that we have available.

Raising awareness

Our activities include PR campaigns in the Jewish press and via social media channels; presentations and group discussions at synagogues, Jewish organisations and schools; and targeted events with rabbis, community leaders and medical professionals.

Providing information

Through our website and other resources we help enable people to find the best information, services and support in the UK for those affected by Jewish genetic disorders.  All are information is provided impartially and without judgement, helping people to manage their situations in the way that best fits their personal beliefs and circumstances.

With funding from Jeans for Genes we have developed a ‘signposting’ service that includes a facility to send individual questions directly, and in confidence, to our genetics information specialist.

Improving testing options

Tay-Sachs is currently the only Jewish genetic disorder for which carrier testing is available on the NHS to anyone of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

We are working to improve access to genetic testing for other severe disorders that is responsibly delivered and affordable.

If you are interested in helping us to progress our activities, please visit our get involved section.